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Abominations (for Necromancers)

The shaping of flesh and imbuing it with the spark of life is a common enough practice amongst Necromancers of varying skill. But even within that group of immoral conjurers, there are many that have voiced distaste for the horrific creations that were sculpted in that ancient charnel house in the dream marsh.

Many of these chimeric atrocities were deemed failures, and many more are so bizarre as to be indescribable by those who have had the misfortune of laying eyes on them. After hearing accounts of their impossible features, some have asked how such a thing can even exist, let alone move about. That, we leave to your imagination.

Immortalized on-chain, these "Abominations", as they have been titled, now wander the far corners of this world in the most grim of environs. And lately, there have been tales of Necromancers, possessing great ambition and skill, signing fel contracts and binding the creatures to their will. For what dark purposes, only their owners can know...

(meaning, mint one)

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Try to imagine the stench of rotting meat. Imagine the languid, arrhythmic pulsing of a corpse filled with maggots. Imagine the scent of stale body odor mixed with mildew, the sound of nails screeching across a chalkboard, the taste of rotten milk, and the flavor of spoiled fruit.

Now imagine that your eyes can experience those things, all at once, in excruciating detail.

— Harry Dresden, Turn Coat

Sample Abominations

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Why would you make such a thing?

Like many others, we love the idea behind The Loot Project. The simplicity of being nothing more than an inspiration token for others to build upon clearly had a resounding and instantaneous effect among the NFT community. The story of what creations will spawn from that idea is still being written, but many of us who cherish the nostalgic feelings of creativity that this new renaissance has brought back were instantly taken by it.

All that is to say, we too were inspired and wanted to play some small part.